Sunday, July 20, 2008


Hoverflies are great. I've always like two things especially. Firstly, they spend so much time and energy (whose relationship i realise i never understood) just staying in the same place. Do you think they wonder what exactly it is that is dragging them down all the time? Those busy little birds and bees chasing themselves in circles and the hoverfly is steadfast. Busy being still and looking like he's looking. It's nice.

Secondly is the stealth insect tactic of looking like something altogether nastier. Much easier than actually stinging people is just to look the part. It's always been my method of choice. Not wearing yellow and black little numbers.

These two look particularly happy with themselves too, I've never found insects romantic before now.

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Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hoovers are beneficial insects in the garden. I find them easy to photograph.