Saturday, August 18, 2007

My natural tendency would be to do things in reverse order, but at request Ghana first. There really are few words, which I know is a cop out, but here are a couple of pictures, because words, at least the few that I know, can sometimes fall flat. There will be more I promise.

There are many more images, memories, feelings about this place. They will spill over with time. The things echo in my mind are the colours, the cloth that dances brightly over dark skin. The fact that people there live without a burning desire for more which simultaneously evokes a warmth in me and a sadness. Without the will there is no change, but it is that same will that repulses me when I walk through the perfume department on harvey nicholls. Sometimes it feels like the only alternative to poverty that is allowed is a shopping centre and a cleaner cleaning a floor which is alreadly clean.

I was given much in Ghana: Food, interest in my beliefs, friendship, gratitude, knowledge, and I really wouldn't see it that I gave more than I received. Perhaps people should think a little differently about 'doing the right thing.' It really never felt like a chore, I never had to go hungry to feed another, it was never difficult at all. The only bad taste left in my mouth is that the change is so small, there are so many things which should already have been done.

A small number of facts which I learnt in Ghana follows : -
1. Ghanaians eat squidgy food in many many forms. Fufu, Kenke etc etc.
2. It's the only place I've seen where a series of million dollar houses can be built on a street with potholes big enough to house an entire car within their depths
3. Saying 'Ey' can mean approximately 25,421 different things
4. Every kiosk/shop/garage has to have something to do with God. 'God's will salon', 'Hallelujah tire repair'
5. I am an Obroni
6. A 12 year old boy in southern Ghana knows what Gonorrhoea is
7. Eating a coconut from a street seller couldnt be more fun
8. People are willing to get run over to sell you washing-up liquid off a basket on their heads
9. People sing and dance for no particular reason
10. Children are still children and I'm not sure that presenting them a starving little dolls to raise a pound or ten or a million will help their cause.