Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Penny for your troubles?

I was walking today when I saw a little penny sitting on the road. Naturally I picked it up and began looking for someone to give it to when I began to wonder. Why is it that people need an adage to persuade them to pick up pennies? Isn’t ‘pick up a penny and you will have a penny’ enough? Why do we also need luck? Perhaps it’s a strange form of greed. I have, as it happens, seen a lot of people say ‘nah, its just a penny’ or even ‘nah its just five pence’, it seems that they are ashamed to become up anything that would be below their own threshold of worthiness. There is also the matter of the gain if passing the penny on to a friend. What about ‘see a penny pass it on because you don’t need it for now and you’ve got a friend who has £1.99 and wants to buy an over-priced coffee’? Perhaps before inflation eroded our pennies to dust people needed more persuading to share their pennies. Incidentally, anyone feel like a bad person?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

This is NOT about Thursday

Let’s talk about Friday, because we all know about Thursday. Besides spending all this time talking about Thursday, you could miss Friday altogether, and that is a very dangerous thing. So I woke up Friday. Well waking up from being awake is probably not possible but I got up at least. Went to see doctors about the business of forensic medicine, booked appointments, sold cakes for the charity. Then it all got a bit strange. As I paced down Oxford Road a good friend bumped out of Oxfam and straight into me. Certainly a surprise and certainly a nice one. We went for a coffee and chatted, about roman emperors, friends, giving blood. The usual. We talked about qualities and shortcomings. He said that he couldn’t understand/stand the people who seem to cherish their inadequacies, the people who refuse to better themselves by refusing to let go of them. And I made the point that quite often our failures are also our strengths dependent on the surrounding situation. I’ll give you an example, a man who will work until he is sick will get the job done, and as well as it can be, at least by him. He is also the man who will neglect his girlfriend/wife/children/health. I suppose the trick is to position yourself in the situations which allow your weaknesses to become your strengths.

After the pleasure of coffee I tootled back to Occupation Health to be vaccinated against various horrible diseases which kill people daily. Drinking and needles in various limbs and I could soon feel myself drifting into the nether regions of my consciousness. Cant remember what I was thinking about but it was something wonky. Next thing I remember theres a nurses voice in my head muttering ‘open your eyes now’. All a bit strange. Then some more meetings, more cakes, and to top it off I drove to Leeds.

In other news, I can’t sleep (I don’t suppose its any blood wonder.)

Monday, June 04, 2007

An inspired title

My thoughts are wandering, I wrote this poem, its a bit rubbish but I might as well put it here for safekeeping.

A breath.
A kiss.
A mindless list.
A wish.
A way.
A wasted day.
A blur.
A haze.
A greenish daze.
A bond.
A bind.
A listless mind.

Friday, June 01, 2007

These things never have a plan, but im really trying my best. A few things are happening at the moment, exams are coming close, which always makes me incidiously lose tract of reality and enter some sort of horrible nightmare state. Today I learnt about Gurkas probably for the reason that knowing things is a treasure, and also they seem to have been in the news a lot recently. Is it me or is the idea of Martial Race completely bizarre? Which is the all-seeing-all-knowing race who chooses which is which? Oh yes, the British, I forgot. And yesterday about Lady Godiva, like I said the exams are coming up. Hello to any peeping Toms, if there are any around here.