Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The facsimiles of life

I’ve always found it particularly disturbing when my actions seem to run parallel to those of others? Know what I mean? Probably. That’s probably been thought of in the past. I’m glad John Lennon is dead. He probably wasn’t the first. Anyway back to some point. Yes, when I do what has always been done. And I’ve been thinking of it a little more recently, when I get a moment. Because I have a little someone, who on occasion can say things which just send me loopy. Because I am. And I know he doesn’t mean to so I don’t let it be known (or try my best anyhow.) Yes, the point. So, Ben Folds concerts were discussed. And my little someone said that we most likely wouldn’t be going any time soon. And this was because he didn’t want me to be in the pattern of those who had been and had now wandered away or been pushed (stories are always pretty vague). Basically neither of us (I think) wanted this to be the middle of something that had had a beginning. Which is ok.
But now I’ve often been said to say things and think things, choose things and generally do things which are like others have been. And don’t get me wrong I don’t want to be completely unique, that would be lonely as hell. I just don’t want to be a replacement.
So this is all being written right now because whilst idly looking through the thoughts that have been sent out on somewhere like this I find others who have been. And I’m curious, because that’s what I am so I look. And it’s another blog, and it lasts about as long as mine before other things supervene. And it all just makes me wonder whether its worth trying to be new at all. Perhaps relationships are a sort of trial and error, to work out which bits and pieces of people work with your bits and pieces. Guess the hard bit is finding someone after that’s all decided. What a misery.