Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A little poem

Here's a poem that a little boy wrote a while ago and I recently found once again.

Danger, darkness.
Water on both sides.
Blue Dragonfly.
Be careful,

Apparently its an interpretation Ted Hughes' The Lake

Saturday, November 17, 2007

orkw rkwo kwor work

I went back to the house I moved out of at the beginning of the year tonight. This was in celebration of a friend who lived there, whos birthday it was. I drove there after picking up a gift and got the house. After a couple of hours or so I was back on my way. I stood on the step a little longer than necessary, feeling heavy with thoughts. I remembered standing there looking closely at someone, I remembered my bike being stolen and sitting on the pavement (or possibly sidewalk), I remembered it being cold and hot and all the temperatures in between. It was at this time I wanted to go back to work. I realised thats why I work. Its nothing to do with anything more noble. I just cant stand the rest of it. I hate feeling like the one on the side, I hate knowing that I will always say the wrong thing on the phone no matter what we are talking about, I hate not being bothered to do the exercise I know is a good idea, I hate feeling ugly and knowing the news. The only time when I'm somewhere else is when I'm working. So I'm in the hospital now, learning about infertility.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Milk and car accidents

A man is run down on a busy street. The driver said that the man simply walked out infront of him. When the ambulance gets there he is already dead and found to have milky secretions coming from both nipples. What was wrong with him?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

hello there

I want you to know that although i am able to put words here i can do nothing more. The NHS does not wish for me to read comments or view this page. Please go ahead though, scribble something down for later.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Where the lost things go.

I lost my wallet recently. Which was a bit crap. It was a bit crap because I'd just put £30 in it. It was a bit crap because it had my driving licence, my yellow fever certificate, my NI card, my student card, my credit card and by blood donation card in it. It also had a ring that my grandma gave me. It had a badge that a soldier gave me. It had a ticket from some old place in poland. It had a ticket to newcastle. There are probably more things gone that I cant remember. This all got me thinking as to where all these things now were, perhaps if only to remove downhearted feelings. I wonder if those things will begin to mean new things to new people. After all, we are all losing and gaining things all the time, I guess mostly no noticing. It would be interesting if we tied a string to each thing we called our own and watched it all spread out all over the place, into corners and cracks.