Friday, November 02, 2007

Where the lost things go.

I lost my wallet recently. Which was a bit crap. It was a bit crap because I'd just put £30 in it. It was a bit crap because it had my driving licence, my yellow fever certificate, my NI card, my student card, my credit card and by blood donation card in it. It also had a ring that my grandma gave me. It had a badge that a soldier gave me. It had a ticket from some old place in poland. It had a ticket to newcastle. There are probably more things gone that I cant remember. This all got me thinking as to where all these things now were, perhaps if only to remove downhearted feelings. I wonder if those things will begin to mean new things to new people. After all, we are all losing and gaining things all the time, I guess mostly no noticing. It would be interesting if we tied a string to each thing we called our own and watched it all spread out all over the place, into corners and cracks.


Johnny Holmes PI said...

Searching for something? JP can help, at least I could once.

If it makes you feel any better I did a scan of people on this from Manchester and your blog was the most interesting.

I hope you find what you need.

lostmythings-angels said...

well, recently i lost a lot of major things too. I cry everytime i think about them. I lost my necklace thats worth a LOT and my mum gave it to me. I plucked up the courage to tell her after a week. She got angry at first, i cried. After a while, she hugged me told me it was okay, it was the love she gave me that counted. Then, the workers at my house stole my handphone.either that, or i lost it in my house, though i doubt that. Than i lost my glasses yesterday! I prayed to God, many times. And i believe those things will come back to me. God can make anything possible. i still cry a lot, but i still have hope. They will come back, just pray and dont lose hope. I know that wont help, but im confused and have mix feelings and doubts too. This really released a lot of tension, encouraging others.