Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Penny for your troubles?

I was walking today when I saw a little penny sitting on the road. Naturally I picked it up and began looking for someone to give it to when I began to wonder. Why is it that people need an adage to persuade them to pick up pennies? Isn’t ‘pick up a penny and you will have a penny’ enough? Why do we also need luck? Perhaps it’s a strange form of greed. I have, as it happens, seen a lot of people say ‘nah, its just a penny’ or even ‘nah its just five pence’, it seems that they are ashamed to become up anything that would be below their own threshold of worthiness. There is also the matter of the gain if passing the penny on to a friend. What about ‘see a penny pass it on because you don’t need it for now and you’ve got a friend who has £1.99 and wants to buy an over-priced coffee’? Perhaps before inflation eroded our pennies to dust people needed more persuading to share their pennies. Incidentally, anyone feel like a bad person?

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