Tuesday, April 29, 2008

If the spring fits

Sometimes you notice things, and sometimes you don't. Then again, sometimes you aren't sure quite what it is you've noticed.

I've been pretty busy recently what with the blind, the deaf, the hungry and the tortured. Not that I've done much to fix things, but still, I'm giving it a go. My birthday passed, it was great in fact, one of the better. Thank you. A few days later (today in fact) I got round to playing with things, and it fits. Now just how can that be? I assumed sizing up fingers was simply a sham of a reference to proposal at the time. Is this a coincidence? If not, how do you make a spring to a specific size? And why would you? Bizarre. Either way, it fits.

In other news I shall soon be running 3-legged down Oxford Road in Manchester, care to join me?

What have you been spending your seconds on?

Oh Fiona I do love you


The Non Stop Shoebox said...

Nice to have you back; glad you had a good birthday.
Thanks for the Fiona Apple, I've never heard her before.

The Non Stop Shoebox said...

Get to listen to Erin Bode's "The Little Garden", it is wonderful album, I think you'll like it!