Friday, January 11, 2008

Session 1

Excert from my first 'session'.

Nice enough room, though I did find the lizard on the table a little distracting (no there was a metal lizard on the table, I'm not completely losing it). Pam was nice (as expected), blonde with big eyes, just like all the woman you want to talk to.

pam: what would you like to achieve by coming here?
me: to be happy enough not to have to.
pam: and what is happiness to you?
me: erm...I suppose I have to know that.

Spoke to my grandma today. She's a woman I'd like to be in a few years, think I stand a good chance of that too, think i'll enjoy being my mother first though. Something she said, naturally scraping a little close to me - 'Any feeling is a risk'.

Also, in an attempt to understand this crazy mixed up world, I sought to find out just exactly what all the things in my shampoo do...

An accidently terrifying picture

aqua - deionised water (also known as 'water')

sorbitol - makes it shower gel rather than shower water

sodium laureth sulphate - acts as a surfactant, which basically allows grease to come of you in the watery environment of a shower (and it makes it foamy)

cocamidopropyl betaine - does the same greasey thing as the one above but also makes the one above less irritating

decyl glucoside - and the same again, but this ones from plants

coco glucoside - same, but this ones from coconuts!

disodium cocoamphodiacetate - and again!

Polysorbate 20 - and again!

prpoyene glycol - moisturiser

sodium chloride - makes it thick with the sodium laureth sulphate (because it's a straight-chain alkyl benzene sulfonate surfactant)

tetrasodium EDTA - binds to the Ca and Mg to prevent reaction with the surfactants

citric acid - low pH to around 5.5 to cause hair follicles to lay flat and make hair look shiny (i have no idea why that happens!)

glyceryl oleate - moisturiser (from glycerin and oleic acid from vegetable oil)

Dilinoleic acid - has a funky anti-inflammatory effect on the skin

Lauryl methyl gluceth-10-hydroxypropyl dimonium chloride (bloody chemists) - supposed to increase water content in the skin, but in reality gets rinsed off

dipropylene glycol - what the perfume is diluted in

linalool - smells like flowers

hexyl cinnamal - smells like chamomile

butylphenyl methylpropional - another smelling thing

Parfum - it's just perfume

So there you go (or probably already have, well actually you can't have, wait!) That was Tesco's finest own brand (not suprisingly much the same as all the other ones).

See you tomorrow, if you'll still have me.


Johnny Holmes PI said...

Do you ever wish you could ever go back a few years when love was simple?

Jane petal said...

to when/where in the fourth demension would be best?

Digital Flower Pictures said...

JP I wanted to come over here and wish you all the best for the New Year. I am glad to see you doing a lot of updates, its getting exciting to tune in. I hope to see some real personal stuff (no or very little fluff) here in the upcoming year ;)

Let it fly! :)

Johnny Holmes PI said...

I don't know when, whenever you feel like. Didn't you have a primary school boyfriend or something? When it was all just pure affection without any complication?

Jane petal said...

At school I once ate a ladybird because someone I liked told me to, I guess that was pretty simple.

Johnny Holmes PI said...

What do ladybirds taste like?

Jane petal said...

Not like chicken from what I remember.

Johnny Holmes PI said...

I think it was Richard the Second that once said;

"How many more ladybirds must die in mans persuit of love"

Somehow this quote fits this conversation.

Jane petal said...

I can't find such a quote, I do know “There never was, nor will be, but one man worthy of Ladybird” was said in A Tale of Two Cities.

Johnny Holmes PI said...

I would say the reason you can't find the quote is because you haven't read the Marlowe draft of Richard II.

And you haven't read the Marlowe draft because I have the only copy.

And I have the only copy because I wrote it.