Friday, January 11, 2008

Gone today, here tomorrow

Strange how a relationship can teach you to be alone, but hey, I'm willing to learn. Tomorrow I give myself in. I was 'well' today, whatever that means, and tomorrow I will be 'ill'. I don't know how it will feel, but I'm told (and probably believe) it's the right thing to do. At the moment I hate the people who can live happily on their own, I hate them, and that's a sorry state of affairs really.

What you are, or more correctly what you think you are, really is a very powerful thing. Your fears about where you will fail determine what you attempt, your confidences determine success, which of course breeds confidence (well generally).

Part of me wants this to be an academic exercise, I'd like that, but I suspect that it won't be, and that is more disconcerting.

There are plenty of people around here who talk about this sort of thing, so chances are I won't be including much of it here, but possibly, we'll see.

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