Thursday, December 13, 2007

When you are too tired to say a thousand words ...


Digital Flower Pictures said...

That certainly is an awesome self portrait. Very interesting and startling effect. I like your second picture but your reading material looks a little boring ;-)

Again a nice overall effect on picture #2.

The third photo I don't get but that doesn't mean anything.

I noticed these pictures are even better if you click on them, that way you get to see more of the detail.

Jane petal said...

Thank you :)

The third photo is a picture of the reflection of the foliage in a window at home.

My pictures of the natural things have a lot to do to get to your standards, how did you get into it?

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi JP,

Your welcome and thank you.

I hope you post some more of your pictures. I understand the reflection picture better now.

My parents had a production greenhouses/wholesale nursery/landscaping business when I was growing up so I have been into flowers for a long time. More recently I got a little more serious when I started taking my camera to work almost everyday. The 6 acres of gardens provide photo ops in every season.