Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Por Una Cabeza

Ive always wanted to do this, not with a blind Al Pacino particularly, although in his heyday well ... hes a good actor. It has bugged me for a little while because along with the white wedding, couple of kids, nice house, full-time job as a consultant here and in every other country, ability to speak multiple languages, content, good mother, good wife, good doctor, somethings not happening. I recently was asked 'what do you expect your life to be like in twenty years?', and worse than having no clue I had EVERY clue, I wanted all of it, and thats just not clever. In the mean time, maybe someone will learn to tango with me, I expect he'll be pretty good at it if he did.

What do you expect your life will be like in twenty years?



Johnny Holmes PI said...

I used to Tango with my wife. By that time we hated each other. I regret it (not the Tango).

In Twenty years I'll either be dead or drunk.

Jane petal said...

why did you tango if you hated each other?

Johnny Holmes PI said...

Because when you hate each other you don't admit it. You both know it though.

We had good times once but it all turned sour. Things always turn sour if you both like to drink.

Never drink when you are unhappy. You appear to be quite young so I pass on this advice.

Jane petal said...

when is too old to be accepting advice?

The Non Stop Shoebox said...

Never too old to accept advice, and never too old to accept change either.
I never knew where I was going, and, at 50, still don't.
Better to travel than to arrive, that kind of thing.
Setting targets will only give you something to measure failure by.
Serendipity, that's the way forward!