Monday, March 09, 2009

You might not know

I recently found a few things out about the physical world that you might like to know:

1. Socks, when put under the grill slightly damp, can melt and become completely solid upon cooling.

2. You can grow fungus (i suspect Penicillium) on margarine.

3. You can change the colour of earplugs by putting them in the washing machine in an appropriately coloured sock (ones that you haven't melted.)

In summary, I'm runnng out of socks and margarine!

That is all.


onewild said...

If you put a tea towel in the microwave you can set fire to it.
Also you can set fire to grill handles even though they are made out of plastic. In fact Steve did both of them things, maybe he just has a talent.

nmrboy said...


just, ew.


The Non Stop Shoebox said...

I actually caught a runaway sock the other day. You know, you do your washing and you end up with half a pair. The escapee smuggled itself out into the garden amongst the whites.
It's back in the sock drawer now re-united with its partner.
Maybe they're unhappy? How can you tell?

nmrboy said...

sock 1: but i don't work without you; we're a team!
sock 2: it's always about socks with you, isn't it? why can't you just offer support?
sock 1: oh, you mean like the bra does?
sock 2: well, since you mention it, yes, like the bra does.



Jane petal said...

Put a foot in it.