Friday, March 20, 2009

In the absence of senses

After the Valentine's blog, well let's say, crashed and burned, I can't even hope to predict what may come of this one but still.

This is my favourite poem of all the poems that I've read from all the books and subway stations and bits of paper that I've come across.


a break of the skin; a faltering, a falling in. love is no disease. a disjointed appointment, emotion/commotion. each thought of her rushes to be next in line. this is my contentment, my confinement, the cell i made for myself. to bleed, divine; i forget that i fell. going nowhere first. among equals, this/i will/am last. i cannot fail to hope to please. in this cage i am unsurpassed. this ersatz jail. the me she sees.

The site from which it comes has a number of nuggets of brilliance. I love it, though I dare say it could be updated more frequently ;)

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