Monday, June 09, 2008

Pandas - they're a bit crap

Yesterday evening I was watching a programme about 'the complex relationship between china and nature'. During the programme there were plenty of pretty things, including quite a few pandas. There were also these points made
1. The female panda is only fertile for 2 days of the year
2. Pandas cannot hybernate owing their inability to store energy from their diet
3. Pandas will only eat bamboo - during the winter the leaves freeze so that they panda must defrost them by rubbing the leaves on their faces

Based on these, an other, facts I came to the conclusion that pandas are quite frankly crap. Infact the only thing that is keeping pandas alive is the IVF treatment that 'conservationists' are using to breed pandas because even when you put a lady and man panda together you just can get them to mate.

This was my original conclusion anyhow. After a little more thought it seemed that despite the ridiculousness of doing panda IVF and then bottle feeding (and burping!) them it does say something about human-beans. Even though we made do the most senseless, ideotic, stupid things (i mean really, you don't see a monkey trying to breastfeed a turtle do you?!) it makes us different. The fact we can be upset by another animal/persons suffering is our most redeeming feature.

2 days a year?? why?! how did they even get this far?

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