Saturday, September 08, 2007

Love: right conclusion, wrong disease

I was right after all (and not just filling a poster full of pseudo-insightful crap to put in the museum). The unpredictability of symptoms are (infact) as debilitating as the symptoms themselves.

And some more pictures from Ghana ...

An ant-house, as big as a person house (interrobang)

Charity is just like normal life.

Just because I think it needs to be said, has anyone heard David Bowies The Laughing Gnome ??


Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks for some more pictures from Africa. Who is that old hag in the picture with the date on it?

(just kidding) ;-)

Jane petal said...

Well she is a good four years older than I. Perhaps I'll repeat the photo when the date is correct and she what's happened.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Like I said I was just kidding. She is actually cute.

I came back to look at your photograph again. It truly is special. Each person in the group has a different expression and posture. The contrast with the blond haired person adds a lot too. I like that it in some ways it is a simple snapshot and in other ways it is complex and deep. Well done.