Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Watch it

I have, for a number of months, had a little black watch, which has travelled with me and my wrist at almost all times (minus showering). It has, amongst other things been taken along to Ghana (more on that later). It is fair to say too that it has taken a fair battering on the way, and during these few months it has had to be put to rest and resurrected with the (sometimes not completely voluntary) help of my local Argos. The first time it the strap broke I took it back to the shop accompanied by my fellow, who was pleasantly surprised by the ease with which it was exchanged, without a receipt, for a shiny new one. The second time it broke (I'm was beginning to think cheap watches are not necessarily the best investment) I took it back again. I had (again) lost the receipt, which I was rather annoyed at myself for. My fellow had a facial expression of vague scepticism at the thought of my being able to exchange the watch AGAIN without a proof of purchase. He was right that it was a little more of a struggle. The woman at the desk briskly informed me that I could not have an exchange because I had no proof of purchased. Initially I dejectedly stepped away from the desk. But then, something inside me said no, I was going to push it, and I was going to get an exchange. And that is exactly what I did. The woman firstly protest and then I asked to see the manager and somewhere along the manager overruled the decision in favour of an easy life. I got what I wanted and the woman at the desk just looked down and gave me the watch (and no receipt). I was left with a shiny new watch and another little mark on my morality. I couldn't help wondering where the line is between getting what you want and just being nice.

It's not the first time ive given thought to watches mind. I've always thought that analogue has something that digital will always lack. I realise that the likely audience will disagree in majority. It's just that you can see half a day, wrapped around you wrist. You don't just see 3:19, you see close to half past, you see that appointment at 4. Perhaps it's just my sense of numbers which is lacking.

There is also the moment I realised that stopping my watch does not stop time and that a watch doesnt really measure time at all. I really have my watch to thank for many of my most taxing questions. Read.

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