Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The snag and the handarbeiter

A couple of days ago I took a little time from work and had a little lunch with a certain fellow. Within the rather exotic menu i happened upon kangaroo sausage (an interesting concept I'm sure you will agree, not to mention the monkey gland sauce) and decided that this was to be my selection. It only occurred to me afterwards that I have now eaten but never actually seen a kangaroo.

And today, whilst walking relatively aimlessly I raised a smile to some workmen I was passing, as I like to with everyone I pass, and got a most curious response. 'Atleast you gave us a smile, that's better than most of you manage', they jested. Don't get me wrong, there was no malice in it, but I just didn't understand two things. For one, When they said at least there was the inference that this was a proportion of what was to be expected. And i dont know how big or small that proportion was. Should I have said hello, Been stark naked or Done a handstand? And secondly, when I am a representative for this 'you' who aren't managing what they should. I am unsure of which box I was smiling out of. Am I one of the up-tight intellectuals who look down of builders, female or just a wierdo?

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