Monday, August 07, 2006

Just a few little things

Knowledge versus wellbeing
I visited a Chinese restaurant but only last night (no names shall be named, other than Geraldine and that’s only because I quite like it) and enjoyed a meal with my family. And you could say that I was stupid, adventurous, childish, curious or any number of other equally descriptive terms. The short and long of it is that basically I ate a fish’s stomach. As it approached approximately 5 a.m. I was wholly punished. There was some bizarre combination of cramps, sweating, hallucination, falling down stairs and forgetting things. All together odd. And it is certain that had a certain rather lovely companion of mine not been around I might have made it down the other set of stairs and damaged something of some importance. In the morning when I was feeling much better he noted, still half asleep, ‘none of it is worth anything compared to your health’ (or there abouts, I have no doubt that I will be corrected). So this got me to thinking. Since I’d previously pretty much measured health per say as functionality if the functions that are being carried out in order to identify, define and be healthy somehow hinder that health, i.e. are risky, then how can we ever be healthy. After much consideration the best I could come up with was that health is the potential to do things which could well hinder that health but necessarily choosing to do them, but it is the comfortable feeling of having the option. But I may we wrong.

Conceal everything of value
I saw this sign a few weeks back, they have been popping up at various sites around Manchester. It strikes me as a little troubling. Why should we consider the thieves and concealment the necessary part of society and not the education to prevent the thievery? I may put up some signs, ‘stop idiots, educate people.’

And could someone tell me why this woman is under the impression her legs need shaving?


paulo said...

You should one-up them and make signs that look exactly the same, but instead say DON'T LEAVE THE HOUSE.

Jane petal said...

How would I get them on the lamp posts?

paulo said...

Paste them over the originals? Though that may you get you in trouble, whereas pasting them up elsewhere may not. You could probably use double sided tape, hot glue, or that sticky putty they put up posters with.

Jane petal said...

I just can't tell if you are completely taking the mick out of me. I meant if I took my advise of not leaving my house how would the signs come to be on lamp posts. Hats off to you if you are toying with irony.