Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I've not written for what feels like an age (and is probably at least  32,000,000 seconds). In that time I have had a fair few of those noteworthy moments that make you wish you were an elogant enough thought-former to string them together into some sort of meaningful sequence and tell everyone about it. Unfortunately, I'm mostly not, and as a result this collection of thoughts has withered almost to nothingness.

A small selection of things (in no particular order) have included: starting work, seeing a woman run over outside of work, seeing Iceland, sticking needles into people's backs/arms/eyes/feet/lungs/abdomens/necks, losing count of how many times I've said 'Im sorry', improving my hebrew (slightly), not improving my fencing or cello, and seeing many of my friends get married and have babies.

It hasn't been the easiest of periods, but I miss writing to you, and I promise to try and not forget to think here.

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