Monday, February 09, 2009

Mrs Near

Its always nice to be able to see the look of terror

So amongst the other things that happened today I nearly got run over. Big deal I hear you say, you ride a bike, what do you expect. I feel like it still needs to be discussed in someway or another, and since you are my closest friend at the moment here it comes.

There I was, making my way along Oxford Road (in Manchester), just passing the quadrangle (which i'm told the AV guy is neogothic). I'd made it thus far, as usual, without incident. At this moment, however, i very pretty girl in a light blue Yaris thought that pulling out (to go left) whilst looking left was a good idea. I just wasn't quick enough in swerving you see and the front of this rather pretty blue Yaris pushed me sideways. Lucky for me it was in to the side of a bus. I know what you are thinking, into the side of a bus isn't so lucky. Believe me, i'm sure if it had been a moment early the bus would have knocked me clean in to sunday (which sadly is rather far away at present). Having said that, though i prefer to consider myself lucky, if it had been a minute early, she wouldn't have hit me at all.

Anyway, so a few yards on, I got off my bike, stood still for a while and probably looked pretty shaken up. She did stop, and was very apologetic through the window. At the time all I could manage to say was 'I don't think i dinted your car', which I imagine sounded pretty tame.

So there it is, I must say I'm not looking forward to the ride home much.

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Digital Flower Pictures said...

You have to watch out for those Blue Yaris. They look good but can be crafty.

I hope you dusted yourself off and got back on your iron horse.