Friday, January 09, 2009


I'm talking here now because I need to talk to somebody and there is no-one else. Funny how here there seems to be both the possibility of everybody and nobody. The needs arises from a general failure to understand anything that is happening in the immediate vicinity. I don't understand this,

Although I imagine it to probably be a very simple thing. I didn't understand the majority of what was said during the two hour meeting I attended this morning.

Some people drive themselves mad trying to find the single unifying pattern to their world, but it seems that for me even the things which are clear and sensible to the rest of the world are just a step too far.

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nmrboy said...

i don't think calculus is very simple, though it can be rather elegant. being a medical type you already know that 'calculus' means a small stone, such as you might find in your insides but also your shoe ('oh, i have a calculus in my shoe'), but since the calculus was the smallest stone used for counting, the calculus in mathematics deals with the smallest increments of formulae. which, as big delta becomes small delta 'in the limit', approaches zero. limits are interesting: how can a shape with an infinitely long perimeter have a finite area? the answer, as you know, is to do with fractals.