Thursday, November 13, 2008

A tokenization of gratiude

I'm really busy at the moment, so it's always great when the stupid person within me escapes and reaks havok. Yes they say, you want to delete and not rename that file you've just saved, the one that took you three days to do, delete, DELETE! Bugger i say.

So it's especially nice to know that somewhere in this virtual world there is someone so much more intelligent and sensible than i, that they actually took the time to design freeware that will find these files despite the fact I have just hidden the path and may never find them again. So you ring up the handy University helpdesk and they say - try this! Oh yes, yes,, you are brilliant. I don't suppose you exist for fame and accolade, but honestly I, and probably many others, appreciate you. You quite literally made my day.

So then, when I get home to find that my good old lap-machine has died for some inexplicable reason, it is very nice to find an old bit of paper which says you have some kind of magic insurance to fix him. Oh yes, yes Tecguys, i think you just made my night!

It's strange because I have, really, honestly tried to learn HTML. The progress is extremely slow. I guess it's not my naturally bent, but it's nice to know that the virtual people out there who can, will help. I just hope they didn't look through my pictures.

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Digital Flower Pictures said...

They really need something like Recurva for Mac computers. It worked brilliantly to recover some pictures from a deleted memory card but I had to use Windows to do it.