Sunday, October 12, 2008

things you don't know, teapots, and finally...the point

I've not really seen anyone for a couple of days, which has provided plenty of time to have a think about things (and to try to do some work).

Thoughts have come back to things that are not known. I only recently found out, having spent a good few years with the same letter, that he was in a film that I've watched many times, with many people. Weird.

Of course you only get a chance to realise how strange it is that you didn't know, once you do.

I realised too, that I actually harbour quite strong feelings about teapots, courtesy of same letter.


And finally the point - I am (currently) working in research. I have to think about the things I don't know. How in the name of < insert deity > do you do that?!

P.s. I also now know, having written this, that writing things in triangular brackets makes them disappear. I also realise that I don't know what these are really called. I also realise I am a bit special.

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nmrboy said...

how odd. a couple of things about that film: that there is a very old strat that, at that point, was the nicest (and most expensive guitar i had ever played). later during filming i got to play ian curtis's guitar, and also my very first rickenbacker (though it was a 4001). i got to meet steve coogan and dave gorman, and even the real person i was playing in the film.

the inequalities-brackets (mathematically they are called 'bra' and 'ket', from paul dirac's work) are used in html to make 'tags', which is basically how the entire of html works. you need an opening tag, which declares what formatting/options you want for whatever follows, and then a closing tag which signifies the end of that declaration. it's how to make links, and insert images. the problem becomes how to write webpages that explain how to do that with examples of the tags without them being interpreted and disappearing. it's why we all love coding so very, very much.

what are your feelings on teapots?