Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A word about…

There are times when you think before you speak: wedding speeches, thank yous and goodbyes. And then there is the rest of the time, when it seems like most of what comes out is an indiscriminate blob of poorly thought out rubbish. And it sometimes feels as though that is a long time of talking crap. When you’re with two friends, carelessly wandering through conversation you, well I, don’t think about it. And then you get onto rough terrain, perhaps what the other did last night, perhaps what you did, perhaps someone doesn’t want to talk about it. Well I’ve always thought it was because I was being honest, I wasn’t trying to say the right thing but just what was in my mouth. Increasingly though, I think its just plain laziness. It’s easy not to think. It’s also easy not to say anything at all, and I don’t agree it’s the best way to get around the issue. So next time I won’t be any quieter, but I will have thought about it, or at least I will have made the effort.

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